Thursday, March 22, 2012

Civilisation of China

China(Based off the Asian Civilisation Museum):
There is a idea that China started off when Ying Zheng defeated all his competitors and took over their land and people and established the Qin Empire(221-206 BCE). He also standardised the systems of writing and measurement. For the near two millennia, this concept of unity guided China although many cycles of fragmentation and re-consolidation. In the process, China would select, absorb elements from various cultures and input them into their own system. As a result, China became a large melting pot of cultural variety and richness.

Although the dominant state ideology, Confucianism, emphasises on the basic goodness of human nature and assumes that the human virtues will protect the interests of the society and individuals. China’s governance has constantly relied of penalties. Despite it’s human emphasis, the Chinese culture puts the group before the individual as the group’s interests could be confused with the interests of rules who were assumed to have the mandate of heaven. Such social values could be misinterpreted and abused, causing unnecessary suffering. 

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